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The CS Department mailing list server was down for much of today after an update caused a local misconfiguration.  An update to our Sympa software which was automatically installed overnight broke a local configuration script and caused the service to be unresponsive from around 12:30am this morning until about 7pm this evening.  No messages ...

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The system database was down this morning between 12:25am and 1:40am.  The pgpool proxy server failed on host mallo, which is the backup server but was acting at the time as the primary.  Failing over to the the usual primary server, carvel, restored services.  During this period services which rely upon the database ...

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We are about to perform an emergency failover of the department FastX gateway, which should be complete by 12:00pm. This will mean that anyone who is presently connected to FastX will lose their session(s), along with any unsaved work.

Several users reported over the weekend that the FastX gateway was refusing new connections ...

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finger, floor, anyone, and the demise of rwho

Short version: The commands anyone and floor no longer work. finger/cslookup partly works but will no longer exist after this month. Its remaining functionality has been assumed by elbow.

Long version:

A week or so prior to the Great Precarious Filesystem Shift last month, we shut down our rwho service. Rwho was the system ...

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CIS Networking Group added a new DNS server to their proxy this morning.  It's not clear how yet, but this change prevented our DNS servers from resolving DNS records external to the department. DNS records have a certain lifetime, after which they timeout. As more records timed out, our backlog became increasingly worse. Once ...

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Backlisted Mail Server IP

It has come to our attention that our mail server's IP has been blacklisted by more than one entity.  As such, messages being sent to your address or through our internal mail server may have been sent to the Spam folder.

To mitigate this situation, we have switched to the backup ...

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CIS has scheduled maintenance for the FileMaker server hosting the CS databases on Thursday, August 13th from 5:30am until 8am. During this time, you will not be able to access any databases hosted on their servers. Before 5:30am, please save all your work.

If you experience any issues with the FileMaker server outside ...