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CIS Networking Group Scheduled Network Maintenance:

We are providing this notification that maintenance will be performed to the BC POD between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 am on 2/14, 2/15 and 2/16.

During this time, wired, wireless network and IPTV may experience a brief outage lasting less than ...

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Due to persistent instability with no consistent timing nor other indicators, the Grid Qmaster has been restarted to allow for more thorough testing. There seem to be some underlying issues with the new configuration, but it is not clear wether this is the result of the upgrade to Jessie or the change to hosting the ...

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Backlisted Mail Server IP

It has come to our attention that our mail server's IP has been blacklisted by more than one entity.  As such, messages being sent to your address or through our internal mail server may have been sent to the Spam folder.

To mitigate this situation, we have switched to the backup ...

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We are aware of a problem with the SSH gateway where X11 forwarded connections are failing with a notice regarding an "unknown RSA Host Key".  As we are working on discovering the root of this problem a workaround, when X11 sessions are not needed,  seems to be to disable x11 forwarding for that instance of ...

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One of our five LDAP slave servers is experiencing issues. We've pulled it out of the cluster and will further investigate tomorrow. While it was misbehaving, you may well have experienced intermittent authentication errors for any applications backed by LDAP auth, including: the web, ownCloud, email lists, etc. This misbehaving node also managed to ...

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Since the unplanned network outage on July 2nd, our compute grid has been unstable. We've been scouring grid logs, examing network switches, and generally pulling our hair out. The issue could be replicated by simply restarting the grid master service. We may have, finally, located a corruption in the underlying configuration files that was ...