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Late Friday evening into Saturday CIS expereinced a failure of one of the VMWare servers in the stack they provide to us. A number of our internal services depend on the virtual machines hosted by that server, which resulted in intermittent issues through the department (website, dhcp, vpn, ssh, and others).

CIS has temporarily migrated ...

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TStaff has migrated all print functions from the old print host to a new and improved print host to alleviate and resolve the many print issues that existed on the old print server. Due to some driver changes and a newer version of CUPS some user intervention may be needed. Users experiencing issues with printing ...

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On 12/1, from approximately 10PM to 12AM, a department GPFS node became unresponsive, causing our FastX and SSH gateways to follow in turn. All services have returned to normal.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you experience any continuing issues connecting to the department via either FastX or SSH, please contact us at problem ...

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Due to campus-wide service outages, the main sections of the CS Dept website, including the home page, have been inaccessible for an extended period of time today, and remain down.  We are monitoring CIS' progress in addressing their issues, and we will ensure that the CS website returns to service when they are resolved.

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Common SSH Issues/Fixes


On August 24th, the gateway servers were upgraded to stretch and bound to the CIS OIM domain,  The sunlab and mlab ssh client systems were also upgrade on that day and bound to  As of version 7.0, the openssh server has disabled support for ...

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network-2400px.png CIS replaced the 5th floor UPS in the switch closet this morning. Unfortunately, two of the switches failed to boot up again. CIS is working on replacing the failed switches, we will update you with an ETA once CIS provides us an update.


08:02: CIS estimates it will be another hour before the ...

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ibm-gpfs.jpg We are currently experiencing some issues with our GPFS file system, which are causing logins to the departmental systems to hang. Updates to this blog post will be added as we debug the issue.

08:34 -  A file system fsck process appears to be hung. A support call to IBM has been initiated as we ...

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whoa-1444580.jpg At about 1am this morning, disk hardware providing a backing store for our VMWare machines went offline. This caused nearly every one of our production servers to go offline as well as all our hosting class machines provisioned for users and research groups. CIS is investigating the issue and we will post updates as we ...