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email.jpg Early this morning we migrated from using physical hardware to virtualized machines to handle internal mail delivery. We expect there to be no impact on our users, but are letting everyone know in case you notice some change in behavior. These servers are responsible for all delivery of email to problem, our issue tracking system ...

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network-2400px.png We rolled out some changes over lunch today that affect how our departmental workstations reach the rest of the Brown campus and the internet. While we don't expect there to be any issues, we wanted to let everyone know in case they experienced connectivity issues.

For those interested in the network details, read on ...

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owncloud.png This past weekend, Tstaff upgraded our ownCloud instance to version 8.1.3, the latest stable release. To the best of our knowledge, everything is working as expected, but please email if you are experiencing any issues.

What is ownCloud you might ask? It's a departmentally hosted file syncronization system ...

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As part of the efforts to clean out the cruft that inevitably is left behind from semester to semester, Tstaff has closed out the course lists from previous semesters that were part of what is called a "family" in Sympa.  There are still some course lists left to be cleared out, but the majority of ...

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Responding to the increasing preference for Apple products among the CS community, the mslab this summer gained 24 MacIntosh Minis.  Replacing the Windows machines for which the lab is named, each shares a seat - monitor, keyboard, mouse - with a standard CS Department-issued Linux machine.  Students taking Introduction to Computer Animation (CS125) will be among the ...

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ssh.png Tstaff is in the process of virtualizing all of our servers onto CIS managed vSphere instances. Over the next 10 months, you will be hearing about progress we are making and services that have been moved. Our initial focus will be on easier to move services and those that will most benefit from the move ...

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cms-ckeditor.png A major upgrade of the software that drives the CS Department website rolled out today, promising easier and faster editing, and many improvements.

For web authors, the most obvious change is much-improved on-page editing, using CKEditor.

Django CMS version 3 focuses on usability, and a more natural page-editing workflow.  Django sites have in common a ...

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Authenticated Print Server

Tstaff has implemented an authenticated print server, printhost-dmz, that sits outside the department.  A split DNS for is set up to point to correct print server depending on whether you are inside the department or outside.  

More info about the Printing Service is located on the CS web ...