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Brown Secure Wifi Cert Update

CIS has pushed an updated certificate for the "Brown" secure wireless network.  If you're having connectivity issues with one of Brown's wifi networks, please try connecting to the "Brown-Guest" network to visit and follow the on-screen instructions to re-estabilish your connection to the secure network(s).

For further assistance ...

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Unfortunately, there is an issue with the Grid Master process which has rendered qstat, qsub, etc... unusable.  We're working on diagnosing the problem, now.  But, our Grid Engine guru is out of town, at the moment.

Any jobs that were submitted before the outage are still running and will continue to run, as expected ...

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Due to persistent instability with no consistent timing nor other indicators, the Grid Qmaster has been restarted to allow for more thorough testing. There seem to be some underlying issues with the new configuration, but it is not clear wether this is the result of the upgrade to Jessie or the change to hosting the ...

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Backlisted Mail Server IP

It has come to our attention that our mail server's IP has been blacklisted by more than one entity.  As such, messages being sent to your address or through our internal mail server may have been sent to the Spam folder.

To mitigate this situation, we have switched to the backup ...

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As you may have already heard, a Glibc exploit has prompted a patch release from the Debian community.  In order to deploy this patch we are rebooting workstations and servers department wide.

***The workstation reboot is scheduled for tomorrow morning, February 18th, at 6am.***

Note: Grid nodes and virtual machines will be rebooted after coordinating ...

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Course List Changes

As some of you have already noticed, course lists have gone through some changes since last semester. Specifically, student course lists are now being populated with email addresses for owners, moderators and subscribers.  There are a number of technical and procedural reasons behind this change, which are all for the best. With one ...

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xen_project_logo_dualcolor_165x69.png One of our Xen hosts seems to have had a disk failure over the past 12hrs, which resulted in nearly all of it's virtual machines going offline.  We have brought this machine back online temporarily while we work to temporarily move those virtual machines to a new host. 

The affected virtual machines are:

anvil ...

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There was a bit of a hiccup on our list server that required a few minutes of down time, between 2:45pm and 2:50pm, which may have resulted in some messages being delayed during that time.  The stuck process has been remedied and Sympa is now running smoothly.

Please email ...

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The Grid is now 50% operational.  We are working on finishing up the remaining nodes, which will be brought online as they are completed. But, a handful of nodes will require a bit of TLC, before they can be brought back into the cluster.

The Grid should be 100% operational by the end of the ...