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Reports came in yesterday and today of messages being delayed for many hours.  Some were specifically because of account name changes, which was resolved early in the day, yesterday.  While others were delayed due to an after hours service outage, which has also been resolved.

Email services have been returned to normal and all delayed ...

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All critical CS Department services have been restored. An interruption in external services resulted in a cascading DNS failure and overall service instability, starting mid-morning on Thursday of this week.  After repeated efforts to diagnose and workaround the issue, we reached out to CIS who stuck with us throughout today to diagnose. Ultimately, we were ...

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Printing Updates

As some of you may already know, the internal print servers have been upgraded to Debian stretch.  This upgrade was long overdue and certainly not the easiest upgrade I've encounted.  But, the payoff was well worth the effort.

Windows users should be aware that they have their own printer names, which end in "_windows ...

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CIS is currently working on the connectivity issues affecting one of the VMWare servers in the stack they provide to us.  A number of our internal services partially depend on the virtual machines hosted by that server, which has resulted in intermittent issues through the department.

During this time you may have trouble connecting your ...

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Tstaff is working closely with CIS on an ongoing issue course group membership reporting that is affecting tools/scripts that depend on commands like id and groups. (This issue is directly affecting the handin script.)

Unfortunately, the problem is not consistent.  If you experience an issue where you seem to not be in a group ...

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Course Quality Assurance (Test) Accounts

Faculty and HTAs can now contact directly for access to their course's quality assurance account. (a.k.a Course Test Account.)  If you're in the HTA group for a course that needs a Quality Assurance account, please coordinate with the other members of your group and email ...

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Common SSH Issues/Fixes


On August 24th, the gateway servers were upgraded to stretch and bound to the CIS OIM domain,  The sunlab and mlab ssh client systems were also upgrade on that day and bound to  As of version 7.0, the openssh server has disabled support for ...

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***We're looking for early adopters who are interested in beta testing a Desktop installation of Debian Stretch on their office machine(s).***

If you use a Tstaff managed desktop in your office and are willing to help us dig out the bugs for this roll-out, please email  We'll coordinate ...

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There was a short network outage at 5pm today, affecting some of our user managed machines in Room 310 and the department's Print Host.  While disabling a set of ports on the switch a port we were not suppose to have access to was also disabled, which severed that switch's communications with the ...