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(copied from John Bazik's email 11:03pm Thursday, May 30th)

The CS filesystem will be shut down for a period of time this weekend. 
This will render desktop and grid systems unusable and disable some
services.  The technical staff is working with IBM to resolve a serious
issue, and this work cannot wait.

The ...

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Emergency Linux Workstation Reboot

Tstaff will be rebooting several department-managed Linux workstations tomorrow, Wednesday morning at 5am. This is part of an ongoing effort to track down some recent filesystem-related problems.

Workstations to be rebooted include all machines in the Sunlab and some other undergrad spaces, in addition to a few faculty and grad student machines. The complete list ...

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The department list server stopped delivering mail starting at least as far back as yesterday morning (Thursday the 10th). The problem has been resolved and the list server is chewing through the backlog of messages. If you continue to have problems sending email to department lists or receiving listserv messages, email problem.

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In hopes of fixing the ongoing FastX issues permanently, we are going to do some reconfiguration of the virtual hosts in the FastX cluster that will require all of them to be shut down. We will take the cluster offline at 8am tomorrow morning (Thursday the 27th). While we don't know how long this ...

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FastX continues to be unreliable for most users. Even after a cold reboot of the entire cluster last Friday, most connections are getting rejected, seemingly nondeterministically and accompanied by any one of a few recurring error messages.

We still don't know the underlying cause and have contacted StarNet to see if they have any ...

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Users have reported an unusual volume and variety of FastX problems over the last couple of days. So far we have been unable to determine the precise cause, or narrow the problems down to any particular host in the cluster. Therefore, as part of our ongoing attempt to diagnose and fix the problems, we are ...

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The post-spring-semester reconfiguration of the FastX cluster ( was scheduled to occur within the morning of Wednesday, June 6th, but has proven more involved than anticipated. It is hoped that the cluster will be back online by 4pm on June 7th.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, FastX users should experience fewer service ...

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Unscheduled Sunlab outage - resolved

This morning - September 28th - some electricians came to replace some of the lights in the Sunlab. In the process, for reasons that remain unclear to us, they threw some breakers that resulted in every computer in the entire room losing power.

We've brought all the computers back online. However, anyone logged in at the ...

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Linux Security Reboot Rescheduled for this Thursday

The department-wide reboot of Linux desktop machines has now been rescheduled for Thursday, June 29th at 5am. That's tomorrow morning as of this writing.

The reboot had been originally been slated for this morning (Wednesday), but we canceled that after learning of a different set of problems that the kernel update would have introduced ...

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Linux Security Reboot This Wednesday (UPDATE: Canceled)

Tstaff will be rebooting most desktop machines on Wednesday of next week, June 28th, at 5am, in order to apply patches to both the Linux kernel and libc. (Note that we will not be upgrading the operating system from Debian 8 to Debian 9 at this time - that will come later.)

If you wish to ...