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The post-spring-semester reconfiguration of the FastX cluster ( was scheduled to occur within the morning of Wednesday, June 6th, but has proven more involved than anticipated. It is hoped that the cluster will be back online by 4pm on June 7th.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, FastX users should experience fewer service ...

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Unscheduled Sunlab outage - resolved

This morning - September 28th - some electricians came to replace some of the lights in the Sunlab. In the process, for reasons that remain unclear to us, they threw some breakers that resulted in every computer in the entire room losing power.

We've brought all the computers back online. However, anyone logged in at the ...

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Linux Security Reboot Rescheduled for this Thursday

The department-wide reboot of Linux desktop machines has now been rescheduled for Thursday, June 29th at 5am. That's tomorrow morning as of this writing.

The reboot had been originally been slated for this morning (Wednesday), but we canceled that after learning of a different set of problems that the kernel update would have introduced ...

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Linux Security Reboot This Wednesday (UPDATE: Canceled)

Tstaff will be rebooting most desktop machines on Wednesday of next week, June 28th, at 5am, in order to apply patches to both the Linux kernel and libc. (Note that we will not be upgrading the operating system from Debian 8 to Debian 9 at this time - that will come later.)

If you wish to ...

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We are aware of ongoing issues with the CS department website. The problem began shortly after midnight when both our main web servers got into an irregular state and had to be rebooted. Now parts of the website are back, but the home page itself ( refuses to load properly. Possibly other ...

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We are about to perform an emergency failover of the department FastX gateway, which should be complete by 12:00pm. This will mean that anyone who is presently connected to FastX will lose their session(s), along with any unsaved work.

Several users reported over the weekend that the FastX gateway was refusing new connections ...

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finger, floor, anyone, and the demise of rwho

Short version: The commands anyone and floor no longer work. finger/cslookup partly works but will no longer exist after this month. Its remaining functionality has been assumed by elbow.

Long version:

A week or so prior to the Great Precarious Filesystem Shift last month, we shut down our rwho service. Rwho was the system ...

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Linux Security Reboot

Tstaff will be performing a department-wide reboot of Linux desktop machines at 5:30am tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20th, to apply an urgent security patch. Please be sure to log out of your machines before then.

A major vulnerability was announced today in versions 3.8 and higher of the Linux kernel. The details may be ...

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The Brown campus is currently experiencing some major network problems this morning (Wednesday, June 24th). One effect is that people outside of the CS department have been unable to reach our website and people inside the department are unable to reach websites other than ours.

As far as we can tell the problem has nothing ...