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The /course fileshare, which is home to essential data and infrastructure for many CS courses, was relocated today from the CS department's GPFS filesystem to CIS's Isilon filesystem.  The migration was implemented by changing the remote filesystem mounts on all end user systems, and by making the old fileshare read-only, for those who don't get the message.

Users who access CS fileshares from their laptops or other self-administered machines should note that the server and path for the new share is different from the old one.  Both remain available, but the old share is now read-only.  The new SMB share is


This information is always available on our remote filesystem access page (both now and in the future).

The migration of /course (and, shortly, /data and /research) brings us closer to our goal of removing our dependence on our aging GPFS file services.  For more background on this effort, see our summer upgrades blog post.