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(copied from John Bazik's email 11:03pm Thursday, May 30th)

The CS filesystem will be shut down for a period of time this weekend. 
This will render desktop and grid systems unusable and disable some
services.  The technical staff is working with IBM to resolve a serious
issue, and this work cannot wait.

The filesystem will be shut down at or after 5pm Friday, May 31st (UPDATE: We have postponed the downtime to tomorrow, Saturday June 1st at 10am).  We
will do everything in our power to restore all services by Monday
morning, June 3rd.  IBM has been unable to provide an estimate of how
long this work will take.

The CS website will operate in read-only mode throughout the downtime. 
CS mailing lists will not be affected.  CS hosted VMs will also not be

Please bear with us while we perform this critical work.  We will try to
keep the sysposts to a minimum, but we will follow up in this forum with