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In hopes of fixing the ongoing FastX issues permanently, we are going to do some reconfiguration of the virtual hosts in the FastX cluster that will require all of them to be shut down. We will take the cluster offline at 8am tomorrow morning (Thursday the 27th). While we don't know how long this will take, the cluster should be back up by noon.

If you are among the lucky few who presently have a functional FastX session running, you will lose that session. Please be sure to save your work and exit before 8am tomorrow.

Finally, a quick reminder to those who are used to working remotely via a graphical session: ssh with X forwarding is still available, and should provide everything FastX normally does, although it is noticeably slower.

UPDATE 2018-09-27 The reconfiguration of the FastX cluster has been completed, and the cluster is back online and available for general use. We will continue to monitor performance as users reconnect and the load increases.