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In hopes of fixing the ongoing FastX issues permanently, we are going to do some reconfiguration of the virtual hosts in the FastX cluster that will require all of them to be shut down. We will take the cluster offline at 8am tomorrow morning (Thursday the 27th). While we don't know how long this ...

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CIS will be performing scheduled maintanence on the Brown phone system on Thursday, September 27th. More info from CIS below:

On Thursday, 9/27/2018 from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM,  planned maintenance has  
been scheduled for Brown telephone service.

Between the hours of midnight and 1:00 am, incoming calls to many ...

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FastX continues to be unreliable for most users. Even after a cold reboot of the entire cluster last Friday, most connections are getting rejected, seemingly nondeterministically and accompanied by any one of a few recurring error messages.

We still don't know the underlying cause and have contacted StarNet to see if they have any ...

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Users have reported an unusual volume and variety of FastX problems over the last couple of days. So far we have been unable to determine the precise cause, or narrow the problems down to any particular host in the cluster. Therefore, as part of our ongoing attempt to diagnose and fix the problems, we are ...

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A number of services were intermittently unavailable today.  These include VPN, the list server and the website.  The cause of the problems is not yet known and we continue to investigate.  There remain lingering problems - intermittent authentication failures on the website in particular - and we have posted a notice on the system status page.

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