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TStaff has migrated all print functions from the old print host to a new and improved print host to alleviate and resolve the many print issues that existed on the old print server. Due to some driver changes and a newer version of CUPS some user intervention may be needed. Users experiencing issues with printing should try the following:

Linux systems - if having issues - users may need to close and reopen applications in order for the print menu to reflect the new print host (i.e. killing Firefox and restarting it). Users can also log out and back in to refresh their session. 

On Mac - If having issues  (i.e. no cover sheet or cover sheet and no job) - users should remove all old CS printers and re-add printers using the updated instructions for Mac.

Detailed print instructions for all users can be found at the following website: CS Printing.


If you are still having issues printing after following above steps please send a ticket to so we can provide further assistance.