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Late Friday evening into Saturday CIS expereinced a failure of one of the VMWare servers in the stack they provide to us. A number of our internal services depend on the virtual machines hosted by that server, which resulted in intermittent issues through the department (website, dhcp, vpn, ssh, and others).

CIS has temporarily migrated ...

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The post-spring-semester reconfiguration of the FastX cluster ( was scheduled to occur within the morning of Wednesday, June 6th, but has proven more involved than anticipated. It is hoped that the cluster will be back online by 4pm on June 7th.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, FastX users should experience fewer service ...

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Printing Updates

As some of you may already know, the internal print servers have been upgraded to Debian stretch.  This upgrade was long overdue and certainly not the easiest upgrade I've encounted.  But, the payoff was well worth the effort.

Windows users should be aware that they have their own printer names, which end in "_windows ...

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TStaff has migrated all print functions from the old print host to a new and improved print host to alleviate and resolve the many print issues that existed on the old print server. Due to some driver changes and a newer version of CUPS some user intervention may be needed. Users experiencing issues with printing ...

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CIS is currently working on the connectivity issues affecting one of the VMWare servers in the stack they provide to us.  A number of our internal services partially depend on the virtual machines hosted by that server, which has resulted in intermittent issues through the department.

During this time you may have trouble connecting your ...

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The Technical Staff has several new members.  Paul Vars joined tstaff back in June as Senior Hardware Technician.  Shaun Wallace became Senior Systems Programmer last month, and David Serpa takes on the role of Lead Systems Administrator today.  With David's arrival, the technical staff has a full roster for the first time since 2016 ...

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On the morning of Wednesday, January 17th, CIS will change the VLAN numbers of seven of the department's virtual network segments, affecting up to 422 systems, mostly desktop machines.  A simple bookkeeping change, users who are up very early that morning should notice only a brief network outtage.   The change is necessary for a ...

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Due to the power outage in the CIT many of our Tstaff managed machines have been down for an extended period of time. The majority of our systems are back online, though there are several systems that have not yet been attended to.

If your office machine is down, please power it on or contact ...

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