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Course Quality Assurance (Test) Accounts

Faculty and HTAs can now contact directly for access to their course's quality assurance account. (a.k.a Course Test Account.)  If you're in the HTA group for a course that needs a Quality Assurance account, please coordinate with the other members of your group and email (CC'ing for further assistance.

CAP (Computing Accounts and Passwords) has graciously taken on the task of setting/resetting passwords for Quality Assurance accounts for our courses. This was no small task and we are very greatful. Putting the necessary structures in place to make this happen so quickly at the start of a new semester could not have been easy. So, a big thank you to CAP and the Security Group for getting this organized and in place!


NOTE: Quality Assurance accounts now follow a new naming convention, as follows:

  • CSCI <course_code> -> qa<course_code>
  • CSCI 1000 -> qa1000
  • CSCI 1951a -> qa1951a
  • CSCI 0190 -> qa0190