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This Thursday, August 24th, your CS login password will change.  From that day forward, to log into a CS Linux system, you will use your Brown University login credentials.  For those of us whose "short id" (e.g. jbazik) is different from our CS logname (e.g. jsb), we will thenceforth use our short id.

Also, all CS group names will acquire a new prefix.  Most group names (e.g. tstaff) will have a "cs-" prefix (e.g. cs-tstaff).  Per-user group names will have a "user-" prefix.  For me that means the group name "jsb" will become "user-jbazik" since my name is also changing.  For Phirum, whose name is NOT changing, "pkp" becomes "user-pkp".

Also, for those like me who will undergo a name change, your home directory will be renamed to match your short id.  So, for me, my home directory is currently /home/jsb.  After Thursday, it will be /home/jbazik.  Obviously this will have some ramifications, and the technical staff will be available to help work those out.

LDAP passwords will not change.  Many services will continue to authenticate against our LDAP service, such as the VPN, List Server, the Web and others.  For those making a name change, we will provide duplicate LDAP entries with your new short id, so that you can use your short id consistently with all services.

The SSH Gateway will not change.

CIFS file services will not change.

For the technically-minded among you, the primary change we are making is to our Kerberos realm.  On Thursday, we will reconfigure our machines to authenticate against the University's Active Directory Kerberos services.  At the same time, those machines will also bind to the University's AD LDAP services.  Our LDAP records are in sync with the University's, except for the group name changes.  All uids and gids will remain the same, and there will be no other changes to the filesystem.  Our CIFS servers will remain bound to our old realm, so users who mount our filesystems that way will be unaffected.