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Linux Security Reboot This Wednesday (UPDATE: Canceled)

Tstaff will be rebooting most desktop machines on Wednesday of next week, June 28th, at 5am, in order to apply patches to both the Linux kernel and libc. (Note that we will not be upgrading the operating system from Debian 8 to Debian 9 at this time - that will come later.)

If you wish to reboot before Wednesday, you may run the command:


to see if your machine is ready to reboot. If it is, ask someone on Tstaff to do it (by mailing, or you can reboot it immediately by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then Ctrl+Alt+Del. Machines that are manually rebooted before Wednesday will not reboot again on Wednesday.

Any comments or concerns should be sent to

UPDATE June 27th, 2017: The reboot is hereby canceled. There are multiple reports that the latest available version of the kernel for Debian 8 (Jessie) has been causing programs to crash, including the libreoffice suite and various Java-based applications.

H/T SPOC emeritus Andrew Ayer for noticing this and bringing it to our attention.

We will reschedule the reboot as soon as the patch for this bug becomes available in the Debian repositories. Apologies for the inconvenience.