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There was a broken water pipe on the 3rd floor near the network closet.  One of the network switch,, was affected and is offlined.  The following CIT rooms are affected this switch outage: 115, 121, 132, and 134.

We are investigating further and will update this post as we learn more.

Update: 3/6/2017@9am
The root cuase was the chiller in CIT room 333.  It froze and was leaking.  Facilities turned it off.  This happened around 6pm.  Operations started calling us between 8 and 8:30pm.  Water flowed down to the first floor network closet causing damage to the network switches in the CIT 126 closet.  The Networking group started replacing the damaged network switches as of 6am this morning. 
Update: 3/6/2017@1pm
The damaged switch,, has been replaced by the CIS Networking Group around 12pm today.  Connections have been restored to the RLAB rooms.