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On 12/1, from approximately 10PM to 12AM, a department GPFS node became unresponsive, causing our FastX and SSH gateways to follow in turn. All services have returned to normal.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you experience any continuing issues connecting to the department via either FastX or SSH, please contact us at problem ...

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Due to campus-wide service outages, the main sections of the CS Dept website, including the home page, have been inaccessible for an extended period of time today, and remain down.  We are monitoring CIS' progress in addressing their issues, and we will ensure that the CS website returns to service when they are resolved.

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On Wednesday, Oct. 18th, between 7am and 8am, the Networking Group will be performing a VLAN migration of the Self Managed Newtork ( from vlan 4007 to vlan 3962.  There will be a brief network connectivity problem during the maintenance windows for user servers, desktops and laptops on the 10.116 ...

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Unscheduled Sunlab outage - resolved

This morning - September 28th - some electricians came to replace some of the lights in the Sunlab. In the process, for reasons that remain unclear to us, they threw some breakers that resulted in every computer in the entire room losing power.

We've brought all the computers back online. However, anyone logged in at the ...

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Tstaff is working closely with CIS on an ongoing issue course group membership reporting that is affecting tools/scripts that depend on commands like id and groups. (This issue is directly affecting the handin script.)

Unfortunately, the problem is not consistent.  If you experience an issue where you seem to not be in a group ...

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Course Quality Assurance (Test) Accounts

Faculty and HTAs can now contact directly for access to their course's quality assurance account. (a.k.a Course Test Account.)  If you're in the HTA group for a course that needs a Quality Assurance account, please coordinate with the other members of your group and email ...

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Common SSH Issues/Fixes


On August 24th, the gateway servers were upgraded to stretch and bound to the CIS OIM domain,  The sunlab and mlab ssh client systems were also upgrade on that day and bound to  As of version 7.0, the openssh server has disabled support for ...

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