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All tstaff managed linux desktop will be rebooted on Wednesday, August 31st, at 7am.

Tstaff is pushing out a new nvidia driver for all managed linux desktop running X in order support new nvidia graphics hardware.  Any managed linux desktop with the following nvidia cards listed below will get the new 367.44 driver.  A ...

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whoa-1444580.jpg At about 1am this morning, disk hardware providing a backing store for our VMWare machines went offline. This caused nearly every one of our production servers to go offline as well as all our hosting class machines provisioned for users and research groups. CIS is investigating the issue and we will post updates as we ...

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power-outage.jpg We experienced some sort of power blip on Saturday, likely the result of the storms that rolled through. This took out a number of grid machines. The majority of the machines are back and operational again, but obviously any jobs running on the machines have been killed. There are still about two dozen machines we ...

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Unfortunately, there is an issue with the Grid Master process which has rendered qstat, qsub, etc... unusable.  We're working on diagnosing the problem, now.  But, our Grid Engine guru is out of town, at the moment.

Any jobs that were submitted before the outage are still running and will continue to run, as expected ...

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