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EMC_Isilon.png On Saturday June 4th, CIS will be physically moving their EMC Isilon, the hardware that provides file services for the campus. The move is scheduled to commence at 6am and complete around 4pm. We currently have three production services relying on the Isilon: email lists, ownCloud, and time machine backups. In order to keep our services active during the move, we will be working with CIS to transition them to their disaster recovery (DR) site in Andover. At the moment, this process is manual and will require we temporarily disable the services, while we wait for a final data sync to complete and move over the directory mounts. Since we've never done this before, we aren't entirely sure how long the process will take, but are estimating an outage of about 30 minutes. Assuming all goes well, we will continue running these services off the DR site until Monday, at which point we will need to reverse the process.

We will be updating this blog post with details as the work progresses.

June 4th Updates:

06:14: We have taken time machine, ownCloud, and list services offline in preparation for the move to CIS' DR site in Andover. We are now waiting for CIS to perform a final sync of our data and to enable read/write access at the DR site.

06:27: Services have been migrated to the DR site. We are now verifying that everything is working properly.

06:33: Everything appears to be working properly off CIS' DR site. At this point we are just waiting for them to take down the Isilon in Providence to confirm it has no affect on our services.

13:30: The isilon nfs failover from Andover back to Providence.  Our three services: list, owncloud, tm were not affected by this.  They are still running off the Andover nfs servers.