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network-2400px.png 09:53: We are currently experiencing a widespread network outage with any site outside the CS department, including wireless. Tstaff is trying to confirm it's not an issue on our end and we have reached out to the CIS networking team to get their help debugging this.

10:06: We lost the network link between our one remaining distribution switch and the CIS core switches, which effectively takes our access of anything outside the department offline. This includes all wireless networking because it must pass through our distribution switch. CIS ComOps has confirmed the link is offline and is tracking down the problem.

10:51: The network should be back. We are working on confirming that all services are operational again.

11:00: Everything seems to have recovered. If you have been following along with today's work, part of task is to clear out fiber connections in CIT 531 and reterminate the second redundant distribution switch in the basement. Unfortunately, in the process of clearing out fiber connections, the connection between our remaining distribution switch the core CIS network was severed, cutting the department off from the remainder of campus. This link has now been reconnected, using a path that does not pass through CIT 531!