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owncloud.png We are migrating the background data store for the ownCloud file syncing service today. The service will be offline while we perform a final sync. We estimate the final sync will take about an hour and a half, at which time we will enable the service again.

07:36: Taking the service offline for final sync.

09:22: The sync is taking longer than we anticipated. We will have the service back online as soon as we can.

20:33: Believe it or not, this final sync is STILL running. We have yet to determine what is bogging things down so much, none of our test runs were this slow. The sync appears to be nearly complete at this point, so we are hesitant to stop it and revert back. We will continue to monitor the progress and enable the service again as soon as we can. Thanks for your continued patience!

22:04: The sync is FINALLY finished. The ownCloud service is back online and file syncing is working as expected.