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postgresql.png Tstaff will be upgrading the OS on the backend servers providing database service, for a number of our production services, starting at 07:30 on Tuesday, March 15th. This will affect: the CS website, CS email lists, our problem ticket system (RT), CS wikis, instant messaging service, and a variety of Tstaff utlitilies. Assuming all goes as planned, the outage should last about 10 minutes, but we are scheduing an hour to give us time to respond to any unexpected hiccups.

We will post an update here after the work has been completed.

UPDATE (March 15 @ 08:26): We had to back out the database upgrade because of issues with sympa, our email list software. We are going to investigate the root cause of the issuse and make another attempt at the upgrade. The good news is that all other services appeared to upgrade just fine.