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padlock.jpg Google posted to their online security blog earlier today about an interesting discovery one of their engineers made while trying to debug an SSH problem. After some investigation, they determined it was actually due to a glibc blug that could be exploited. The patches rolled out in coordination with this blog post. Unfortunately, it does meant that we need to reboot every single one of our Linux machines. Our initial focus will been on outward facing servers, followed by internal servers and workstations. Stay tuned for more information and a schedule.

16:02: We've patched both of our firewalls. The non-active firewall has been rebooted and we will be failing over operations from our primary to backup firewall at 17:00.

14:46: The external mail relay, DNS, IM, NTP servers have been patched and rebooted.

17:04: Primary firewall duties have been failed over and the second firewall has been rebooted.