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As you may have already heard, a Glibc exploit has prompted a patch release from the Debian community.  In order to deploy this patch we are rebooting workstations and servers department wide.

***The workstation reboot is scheduled for tomorrow morning, February 18th, at 6am.***

Note: Grid nodes and virtual machines will be rebooted after coordinating ...

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padlock.jpg Google posted to their online security blog earlier today about an interesting discovery one of their engineers made while trying to debug an SSH problem. After some investigation, they determined it was actually due to a glibc blug that could be exploited. The patches rolled out in coordination with this blog post. Unfortunately, it does ...

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email.jpg Early this morning we migrated from using physical hardware to virtualized machines to handle internal mail delivery. We expect there to be no impact on our users, but are letting everyone know in case you notice some change in behavior. These servers are responsible for all delivery of email to problem, our issue tracking system ...

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