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Course List Changes

As some of you have already noticed, course lists have gone through some changes since last semester. Specifically, student course lists are now being populated with email addresses for owners, moderators and subscribers.  There are a number of technical and procedural reasons behind this change, which are all for the best. With one ...

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Linux Security Reboot

Tstaff will be performing a department-wide reboot of Linux desktop machines at 5:30am tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20th, to apply an urgent security patch. Please be sure to log out of your machines before then.

A major vulnerability was announced today in versions 3.8 and higher of the Linux kernel. The details may be ...

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ibm-gpfs.jpg The department experienced a GPFS blip shortly after 10am this morning. The outage become pregressively worse and lasted about 10 minutes in total.

For those interested in more details, one of the quorum and manager nodes for the cluster experienced a system hard drive failure a few days ago. After replacing the hard drive and ...

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network-2400px.png We rolled out some changes over lunch today that affect how our departmental workstations reach the rest of the Brown campus and the internet. While we don't expect there to be any issues, we wanted to let everyone know in case they experienced connectivity issues.

For those interested in the network details, read on ...

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