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Starting Thursday, December 22, 2016, filesystem backups will be retained for only six months.  Currently they are kept for forever.  At the same time, files will be backed up more frequently (as often as hourly) rather than just once a day.

This change is part of our migration to CIS file services.  Our daily backup ...

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It was an interesting start to a Wednesday morning...

As you're probably already aware, there was a short blip in connectivity/functionality this morning that blocked our SSH gateway, logins and general use of the department's systems.  Our GPFS file system was overwhelmed, which resulted in a kind of traffic jam of requests ...

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ibm-gpfs.jpg Starting at 7am on Wednesday, Nov. 9th, we will be performing rolling upgrades of our departmental GPFS NFS cluster. Each server upgrade can potentially cause a brief 90 second NFS blip for departmental linux machines. We expect the maintenance to be completed by 8am. The compute cluster linux machines and external facing services are not ...

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network-2400px.png CIS replaced the 5th floor UPS in the switch closet this morning. Unfortunately, two of the switches failed to boot up again. CIS is working on replacing the failed switches, we will update you with an ETA once CIS provides us an update.


08:02: CIS estimates it will be another hour before the ...

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ibm-gpfs.jpg We will be upgrading GPFS from 3.5 to 4.1 on the CIFS cluster on Wednesday, Oct. 26th, between 7am and 8am.  The server will unstable during this maintenance window .  We recommend users logging out of their managed Windows machine before the 7am, Wednesday, Oct. 26th maintenance window.  

More info ...

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All linux desktop machines will be rebooted this Tuesday, October 25th, at 5:00am. 

Please save your work before that time. If you wish to reboot before Tuesday, you may run the command:


to see if your machine is ready to reboot. If it is, ask a tstaffer to do it (by ...

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During a routine update of our firewall there was an unexpected outage, which we are working to identify the cause of.  Most systems and connectivity have already been restored and the remaining systems will be brought back online in just a few minutes.

If you continue to have trouble after 4pm, please email problem@cs ...

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The CIS Networking Group will be swapping out a UPS in the 5th floor networking closet on Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 6am-7am. The networking switches in the closet will loose power during this maintenance.  These switches provide networking connections to southwest section of the CIT building on the 4th and 5th.

The following rooms on the ...

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ibm-gpfs.jpg We are currently experiencing some issues with our GPFS file system, which are causing logins to the departmental systems to hang. Updates to this blog post will be added as we debug the issue.

08:34 -  A file system fsck process appears to be hung. A support call to IBM has been initiated as we ...

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