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Eiki LC-WUL100A.jpg The projector in CIT 316 is experiencing some hardware issues and should be considered unreliable. We have ordered a replacement, but not yet have an ETA for arrival. If you have this room booked in the next week or so and are in need of projection, we encourage you to reach out to CS reception and they will assist you with a room rebooking. We will post an update when the room is back at full strength.

UPDATE (Dec. 17th): It turns out the faulty hardware was actualy an HDMI over ethernet extender. Max is still concerned about the buzzing noise originating from the projector and swapped out the projector in 316 with a brand new one. This questionable projector will be repurposed for use in the Sunlab, which is used far less often, also leaving us with an emergency backup should another projector in any of our rooms fail.