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power-outage.jpg (09:29) Facilities has determined the root cause of yesterday's power outage is water seeping into electrical transfomers in the SciLi. The will be conducting emergency fixes starting @ 10am this morning that will necessitate taking down all power to the SciLi. This means our students currently assigned to space in the SciLi will need to vacate. For those students assigned to the SciLi, please let us know if you need space to work.

The work is currently scheduled to be completed around 6pm tonight. Tstaff will confirm that the network switch is up and ready for clients, but will not be walking the space to power on machines. If you have a desktop in the SciLi, please feel free to power it back on. Otherwise the staff will be checking over the space on Monday, Nov. 30th.

(17:06) We seem to have had some residual network routing issues with our firewalls after the power outage yesterday. We rebooted them both and now failed over a few times to make sure all is looking good. Each failover operation causes about 30 seconds of network outage.

(20:53) Finally had a chance to check the SciLi networking and it's back up. We assume this means there is power to the entire building again. For those that have machines over in the SciLi, you should be able to boot them back up and they will get on the network. Please email with any issues or concerns.