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xen_project_logo_dualcolor_165x69.png One of our Xen hosts seems to have had a disk failure over the past 12hrs, which resulted in nearly all of it's virtual machines going offline.  We have brought this machine back online temporarily while we work to temporarily move those virtual machines to a new host. 

The affected virtual machines are:

anvil cs166 jgaa sstore
block dbwiki ptbdb tac
broccoli dtrick qus testvm
canyon eadotc raphaelgroup trace
captain-teach eshavm rest upod-dev
crowdvis face rewind virgil
cs132-twilo focs2007 robosadie cs132op
irina-build shu    








As we move these machines to their temporary homes, and then back again after the bad disk has been replaced, there will be a few minutes of down time for each one.

Please email, if you have any questions or concerns.

This post will be updated when the repairs have been completed and the virtual machines have been moved back to their original host.