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ssh.png Tstaff is in the process of virtualizing all of our servers onto CIS managed vSphere instances. Over the next 10 months, you will be hearing about progress we are making and services that have been moved. Our initial focus will be on easier to move services and those that will most benefit from the move. Shortly after noon, we migrated our ssh gateway services. In doing so, the service now enjoys

  • Running in an active/active mode. If everything is working properly, a DNS round robin will direct user connections to either one of our SSH gateway machines. Your client won't know the difference. If one of the servers go down, it will pick up both addresses associated with the DNS round robin.
  • The blades hosting the VMs are connected with 10G network connections rather than 1G. This should improve the network latency and throughput.

Please let us know (email if you notice any issues with the SSH gateways.

UPDATE @ 12:38: We were notified of an issue with the upgraded gateway machines and have backed out the change while we investigate. We will add another post when we attempt the next upgrade.

UPDATE @ 14:38: We tracked down the issue with the new SSH gateways. Our next upgrade attempt will be Thursday, 9/17.