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Our GPFS cluster was not fully upgraded to 3.4 even though we have been running v3.4 for awhile.  In order to complete the v3.4 upgrade, two essential steps were needed:

1. Migrate the GPFS cluster to the latest version by running:
mmchconfig release=LATEST
2. Migrate the file systems to the latest ...

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cs-web-faclist.png The web display of CS Department faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate concentrators got a lot better today with the release of new user profile pages.  The new pages are better looking, better organized, and mobile-friendly.  Grad and undergrad pages are brand new.  Behind the scenes, users have easier access to their data, and important ...

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One fo the department cluster nfs server, nerds, was hung on a soft reboot.  It needed a hard reboot to come back up.  Once nerds was back online, rejoined it to the department nfs cluster.  There was a 90 sec blip for linux users who were connected to its cluster nfs ip address.  All department ...

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