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Due to the "A Day On College Hill" events, the upgrade of wireless access points in the CIT building is rescheduled for Friday, 4/24/15, starting at 8:30am.  The Networking Technology Group will be turning on the new APs and disconnecting the old ones.  They will be working one floor at a time ...

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CIS Network Technology Group will be upgrading the wireless access point in the CIT building starting Wednesday, 4/22/15, at 8:30am.  They will be turning on the new APs and disconnecting the old ones.  They will be working one floor at a time and it's not known exactly how long each floor ...

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cms-ckeditor.png A major upgrade of the software that drives the CS Department website rolled out today, promising easier and faster editing, and many improvements.

For web authors, the most obvious change is much-improved on-page editing, using CKEditor.

Django CMS version 3 focuses on usability, and a more natural page-editing workflow.  Django sites have in common a ...

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We've been alerted by Facilities that National Grid will be performing emergency repairs to one of the principle branches providing electrical power to the campus. The entire campus is fed by four feeder lines. In preparation for this work, Facilities will be transferring the load from the affected line to another one. They anticipate ...

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